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Ezine Publishing Made Easy

Having some interesting information and want to convey it to others or do you want to improve the search engine ranking of your website? Then the best way to do it is through Ezine Publishing. Ezine is nothing but an online magazine. Imagine publishing a regular magazine? It is indeed a very difficult task and also needs a huge investment. But imagine if the same is done online? It is so simple and easy. Even it is much more economic. In contrast to a regular magazine, an Ezine needs no paper, no printing and no subscription or circulation. All it means is just a single webpage in which you post content and develop the same. Sounds good, isn’t it? Now let us see what the pre-requisites for Ezine publishing are.

Content: This is the most effective and important ingredient required for Ezine publishing. Before you could start with Ezine publishing, you should have a clear idea of what you want to write and publish. It is a fact that is difficult to accept that it is not at all possible to write and publish Ezine on your own. Try and get as many contributions as possible from other people. Probably, this is the best and easy way to excel at Ezine publishing.

Layout: Once you are ready with your content that needs to be published, think on designing the layout. Isn’t the layout you give importance if it comes to a traditional regular magazine. The same is as well important as far as ezines are concerned too. In order to make your Ezine publishing more interesting and creative work, give utmost care to the layout and also try to match it with the content and purpose.

Ezine Publishing

hen I began using the method of Ezine publishing and first submitted my articles, I found it a challenge as it was a new venture for me and quite difficult to learn the system. I experienced difficulties initially in getting my articles approved but after a small learning curve I confidently use this medium as a way to enhance my online marketing efforts.

By using Ezine publishing owners of businesses have one of the most powerful tools available to develop and market a business on the internet and over time build a recognised brand. This has been one of the greatest assets of the internet since its conception to provide the opportunity and actively promote e-commerce.

With Ezine publishing success is quite simple, all you need to do in order to be successful is to research information and allow yourself sufficient time to become familiar with the system, have patience with yourself and the system when first submitting your articles. Ensure that the content is interesting to the people you are trying to attract to your website. When starting with Ezine publishing it is best to write about subjects that you are comfortable with and that you have a sufficient knowledge of to produce an interesting article.

When using Ezine publishing you will want to determine the main purpose of using the site, do you want to attract visitors to your site, bring in traffic, or just advertise your products or services? You should then write your article with this in mind.

Another way to succeed with Ezine publishing is to learn about your competition. It is always beneficial to seek out and subscribe to the Ezine publications of your competitors and by doing this you will find out what is good and bad about their articles, you can learn from their mistakes and apply those findings to your articles.

Once you have completed the first steps and launched your first publication you will then need to decide how often you want to publish your Ezine articles. The frequency is left entirely to you and the time that you have allocated in your business schedule. Ezine publishing can be used daily, weekly or monthly alongside other marketing mediums. You also need to determine what format your Ezine publishing will take, some great articles have just been be a list of tips, a list of ideas, step by step instructions on how to do something or just a straight forward informal article. The next step is in to decide whether or not you want to write this content by yourself or invite other guest writers to supply content for you. When looking to make money with Ezine publishing some sites allow you to offer classified ad space as well.

The last step for your Ezine publishing is to find a hosting site for your publication. Most marketing experts recommend that you use a professional Ezine hosting site to send and receive your Ezine publications. Websites such as Topica are among the best sites to use when running an online marketing campaign. Sites like these will help new publishers with all phases of the process and they will also help make managing the Ezine publishing site easy. The site will even help new publishers grow their list of subscribers.

If you take all of this information into consideration you will be assured success when you begin an Ezine publication site for your business it is very important to use all of the resources available to make a campaign successful and effectively promote your business.

The Death of Product Review Ezine Publishing

Product Review Email newsletters as you know them are on death row.

There’s a new breed of Ezines; a new generation of subscriber reviews and ratings driven content ezines. No longer driven by publishers reviews of what products or services are hot based on what is most profitable for publishers. I call them “web 2.0 Ezines” following the web 2.0 sites phenomena.

These are ezines that is respected and trusted to help it’s subscribers decide what they want to buy based on very intricate systems of rating, social media and voting systems without the undue doubtful self-serving editorial reviews of publishers.

Subscribers to a web 2.0 ezine buy what they want based on trusted and relevant opinion of real users product and service reviews and ratings rather than what the editor’s reviews or hyped testimonials says.

These are a new breed of ezines that allow it’s ezine subscriber to post a review about a product or service they have purchased and used to be included as content for the ezine.

Whether you subscribe to the ezine, just to get inside product ratings and reviews by real users or contribute by way of your own real life reviews. You will find that real Users in web 2.0 ezines give you the most relevant and updated ratings and advice on a particular product or service in that market BEFORE you spend your hard earned money..

This is having tremendous significance for Ezine publishers in every niche. You see these ezines are managed by not just the publishers. The publishers empower subscribers of the ezine to post reviews to be used as editorial content in the ezine. Ratingshub Internet marketing review ezine is the latest web 2.0 ezine introduced in the internet marketing community.

The result of allowing ezine subscribers to post relevant respected and trusted user ratings and reviews as ezine content is proving to be very effective for subscribers to have the ability to access an ezine of trustworthy credible product or services facts, ideas and advice to use in their decision making.


Well, such ezines create a platform where the subscribers refer to real user product or service ratings, reviews and advice. And then based on how helpful the subscribers find it, the ezine content would determine how effective the sales promotional links would be clicked by subscribers interested in that service or product.

Product and service users are taking ezine editorial power into their own hands; They are practically co- editors of the “web 2.0″ ezine by adding their own ratings, reviews and advice about products and services they have bought as relevant ezine content. These are that are trust and respect these ezines with their ratings, reviews and responses to products and services being offered in the market. They encourage or promote only products or services that are highly rated by real users to help prospective buyers.

These web 2.0 ezines are a platform for shared values, ratings, reviews, ideas and advice which are trusted more than a sales pitch or publishers own review of a product or service.

When ezine subscribers (through reviews) make the effort to tell other subscribers that they like or don’t like something about a product they bought, it means that it is important to every subscriber. After all, it’s true and helpful to those considering buying that product.

Users leave both positive and negative comments about products and then others read them, comment on them in turn…but most importantly provide honest advice subscribers to make buying decisions as they consult the ezine content.

Today’s information communication technology has changed the way subscribers are advising each other, influencing publishers and the editorial opinion in a BIG way. It is no longer enough for subscribers to take a “passive” approach to dealing with publishers or editors. Instead today’s subscribers are more willing to advise and trust each others collective product and service ratings and reviews …when faced with a buying decision.